Now taking orders for the Holidays!
 Pies made from scratch with the finest ingredients. 
Fresh, never frozen!
We deliver on orders of 4 or more pies 
(within a 10 mile radius)

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How do I Place an Order?

TO ORDER a delicious, freshly baked pie,
email Mindy at or Call 801-850-6347
3 Days Advance notice is wonderful
2 Days Advance notice is great
1 Day Advance notice is okay
Same Day Notice....if I really really like you!

All pies are baked fresh, using the finest ingredients.
On orders of 4 or more pies, we offer free delivery to your home, business, or event.
(Within a 15 mile radius)
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Mindy's Cooking Camps

Mindy’s Kids Cooking Camps offer your child a wonderful opportunity to develop important life skills, while fostering independence, responsibility, and a sense of accomplishment.
Each cooking class sifts together a heap of measuring, whipping and baking, a serving of kitchen safety, a sprinkle of recipe reading, a dash of menu planning, and delightful creative fun to taste.
Learning to cook encourages creativity, develops understanding of math fundamentals, excellent hand-eye coordination, and attention to reading and writing. What better time to learn these skills than while a child!
Enroll now and let the fun begin! You may be surprised at what they’ll cook up next!
Each apprentice chef receives an apron and cooking kit!
All ingredients and supplies are provided.

Look for Mindy's Kids Cooking Classes throughout the Year
Mindy's Cooking Classes combine a delicious amount of learning with a heaping helping of fun! Children learn to read recipes, they measure, whip, fold, blend, stir, beat, and bake!
All ingredients are provided, and they will be bringing home some of their creations to share with the family!

Delicious Cream Pies, Fresh Fruit Pies, and Cheesecake Pies

Chocolate Coconut Cream Pie $17

Sour Cream Lemon Pie $15

Cherry Chocolate Cream Pie $17

Coconut Cream Pie $15

Lemon Meringue Pie $15

Chocolate Cream Pie $14

(Not Pictured)
 Banana Cream Pie $14
German Chocolate Cream Pie $17

Fresh Peach Pie (Seasonal) $17
Fresh Strawberry Pie (Seasonal) $17

Blueberry Cheesecake Pie $15
Raspberry Cheesecake Pie $15
Merry Berry Cheesecake Pie $15
Strawberry Cheesecake Pie $15

Home-baked Goodness!

Triple Berry Pie (Blue Ribbon Winner) $15
Blueberry Pie $15
The Best Apple Pie $15
Baked Peach Pie $15
Pecan Pie $18